Maximum performance and reliability GAURANTEED.

SunSolar has led the way with record-setting technologies and innovative solar solutions. Our cutting-edge approach to sustainability is renowned for its positive impact on the environment and our communities.


We are LOCALLY owned and nation-wide in Australia.

Our dedicated consultants provide you the best solution based on your current electricity bills. We will work with you throughout your entire project

SERVICE at door-step and committed

Why we are different

We bring PERFECTION and EXCELLANCE to every project.

We beleive and deal with QUALITY products.

At SunSolar, we only provide high quality premium products for sustainability and positive savings on your Electricity bills by helping reduce carbon foot prints. Helping environment and local communities, thereby we offer a complete package.

The moment its switched ON, SunSolar system generates more energy than the conventional and cheap products, and saves you heaps on bills.

So make a wise and intelligent decision to have premium quality products on your roof, instead of conventional or cheap brands.

SunSolar – Your Complete Solar Energy Solutions Partner

Payment Options
  1. 0% deposit with NO Interest over 40 months
  2. Referral Bonuses
  3. Long term payment plans without setup fee
  4. $0 up-front (including installation and design of your custom system​​​)
  5. Just pay a simple monthly fee (often less than your current electricity bill)